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Konnichi wa!

Or just "Hello!" in other words. ^_^

Chyotto Mahou are the Japanese words for "a little of magic". We have chosen this title, because this is a homepage about manga-/anime-dolls we have sewed, though none of us had ever sewed before. But, as you can see, with a little of magic you can learn anything.
I have uploaded a lot of new stuff lately, so I just make a little summary. ^^ First of all and because this is a homepage about our sewed dolls, you can see two kinds of doll photos here:

But there is also a lot of other interesting or funny things you can find here:

  • You can read about what we are planing to sew next and look at the newest doll photos.
  • If you want to know more about the mangas/animes our doll characters are from, you can read the short descriptions here.
  • You find some fan art concerning dolls - or...
  • read funny jokes to this or also other topics.
  • As we like to go to conventions and to cosplay, we also upload our convention photos here.
  • Perhaps you are wondering who that "we" are. In that case you can view our photos - and I'm also working on our characterizations.
  • If someone founds some mistakes at the homepage or has an idea on what I could change, I would be very thankful for mailing me about it to
  • There is also a list of some interesting links planned. (some of them with a similar topic). Here you can already see the German links list if you want to.

Well, now have a nice time at Chyotto Mahou!

What's new?

New photos of the Hijikata doll uploaded! View his new haori (jacket), tabi (socks) and zori (shoes). There's also a new Peace Maker winamp skin - Hijikata x Okita..

New downloads! Detective Conan and Ghibli icons as well as a win-amp skin to Peace Maker - Susumu.

The download page is really online now. ^^

Merry Christmas! Don't forget to look a last time at the advent calendar.

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